Bowing to God’s will.

As many of you already know my new husband and I are having a wonderful time navigating the immigration process in the USA.  We originally  traveled to the USA under his ESTA or a visitor  pass.  We had 90 days to obtain my divorce, get a marriage license and get married and get me a visa to return to England .  We needed to return to England to sell his property and to apply for his spouse immigration visa.  We did both of these things within a few weeks of being here.  Unfortunately, we sent the forms to the London Embassy which is where it said to send them if you were in London.  After about 3 months we got a message that the forms were in Ky with a message about us sending them to the wrong place.  Apparently since we were married in KY we should have sent them to Chicago???

 Now I have a visa to be in the UK for 6 months which should have been long enough to get our business taken care of, but time is running out and we are back to square one with the visa for Jim.  So I called the embassy here, told them what happened and was advised that he could go back to KY on his ESTA for 3 months.  So we packed up all the belongings here in England, booked a flight for KY, told all our family and friends we would be home soon.  Wrong…

When we got to the airport we knew something was wrong when the lady re entered the information twice and kept looking at the form.  She then informed us that the ESTA was showing invalid. We were devastated to say the very least.  They were very kind, even to the point of calling the embassy to see what the problem was.  Turns out that even though they didn’t do anything with his application but send it back, when he applied for  the visa  it automatically cancelled out the ESTA.  

You would think they would have told me this when i called, but no that would have saved us almost 2k in tickets, insurance and cab far to and from the airport.  Now keep in mind we are far from rich and what we are using is basically savings, so 2k for this and almost the same for moving everything to the states is a blow to us.  

So now here we are back at the flat, which thank God is still ours till the final papers are signed and the deal closed. But, and there is always a BIG BUT, just about everything we had is on the way to KY.  The frig, our clothes,  most all of our covers for the bed, our good electric heaters,  you get the point..  And, that isn’t counting all the food i gave away or threw out because you can’ ship food.

After I cried a bit on Jim’s shoulder and we just looked at each other in shock, we knew we had to make a plan for our future.  So we decided to sleep on it because neither of us had been asleep for more than a few hrs in 2 days.  When we got up , we bounced around a few ideas and decided that we could make this a good thing or sit and brood.  

Jim has traveled quite a bit and we both enjoy exploring new places and things.  I have dreamed for years of places I would like to see and there are a few places he wants to visit for the first time or revisit.  So, that is what we are going to do.  We have rented a cottage in the Lake District here in England starting  Saturday for a week.  After that we head up to Scotland,  my heart is so full of longing for our family in KY, but God has opened up an opportunity  to do things that I really never thought could ever happen .  

And I know that he has my family in his loving hands, he allows frequent contact through the internet, skype, and the phone.  

So while we wait for the application to go through we have decided to go places we have wanted to visit, after Scotland maybe Ireland and Wales.    Then we are thinking Greece for a few weeks.  Did you know that you can rent a furnished place with utilities supplied in Greece  for 500 or 600 a month.  Awesome

So we are bowing the the will of God who knows us better than we know ourselves and loves us beyond measure.  I am trusting that he will make a way  for my husband to join me in America, but until then I put it all in his hands and ask for his guidance.  I also thank him for the many blessings He has given me.   My sweet Jim, who puts my wants and needs above his own, my beautiful children and grandchildren, who miss me as much as I miss them but want me to be happy and always have a smile for me when we talk online. Our  family and friends have been so supportive and caring, they are truly amazing.  Thanks to all.  And please know we will be there as soon as we can, so have the coffee pot on and maybe a spot of tea.  

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